Cell Power

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Cell Power is a wallet-based Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) system that uses a wide variety of distribution channels for vending electronic prepaid vouchers. The distribution channels include GSM cellphones (SMS, USSD, HTTP), desktop and mobile POS terminals (GPRS, Ethernet, WiFi), IVR and Internet browsers. Cell Power can be used to vend prepaid vouchers (including airtime, electricity and water) as well as other virtual goods and 3rd-party bill payments.

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Heterogeneous distribution channels make it possible to deploy a wide vending footprint that can be adapted to local economic and technological conditions. 

Cell Power provides multiple payment options for both vendors and consumers purchasing electronic vouchers. Cell Power vendors either pay upfront for stock, or vend against credit in a wallet registered on Cell Power. Consumer-initiated transactions can be settled electronically against credit card payments, or against a Cell Power wallet.

See the Cell Power website for more information.